A Trip to Sunny Queensland

It’s at about this time every year that I threaten to pack us up and move back to Queensland. It’s cold, and wet and miserable most days and I crave the warm winter sun of home. So I have been greatly looking forward to heading back to ‘hopefully’ sunny Queensland for a few days to catch up with our distributor, Chris from Cork and Co and meet some of the people who have been lovely enough to put our wines on their Bottle Shop shelves and Restaurant wine lists.

A trade trip with two children aged 1 and nearly 3 doesn’t come without its challenges. We’re a close knit family and as much as they drive me nuts some days I don’t feel right just leaving them at home and disappearing for a few days on my own. So much like everything else we do, we’re doing it together. Not everyone will agree with our methods, but it works for us.

Rew will get to spend some quality time with Angus & Isla, and I get to feel like a grown up again.

We’re going to do our best to keep a list here of all the lovely places stocking our wines, but in the meantime, feel free to contact Chris or myself if you’re looking for some Wines for Joanie in the Sunshine State. 


Country Queensland Tree Change

New Financial Year Resolutions

It doesn’t sound very romantic; ‘New Financial Year Resolutions’ but Andrew and I seem to miss making resolutions of the New Calendar Year and instead take stock at around 30 June. Perhaps it’s my accounting background, the fact that we’re not as busy now as we are around the 1st of January or a little of both. Regardless of the reason, we find ourselves energised, ready to take on the next season and resolved to do things a little bit better than last year.

In the vineyard, pruning is well underway and we’re finally implementing some of the new canopy and pruning experiments we’ve had planned for some time.

Tasmanian Vineyard in Winter Pruning Beautiful Landscape

Our website has been updated and we’re going to try our hardest to keep in touch with everyone more often, via a regular blog and newsletter.

There are always excuses and genuine reasons for not doing the things you feel you should, but it feels great to have a little more time and energy to pursue a few of our dreams and ideas and put them into action.

There are plenty of exciting new things happening at Wines for Joanie this year. So sign up to our Newsletter if you haven’t already to be the first to know about what we have in the pipeline.

Please let us know what you think of the website, and if you feel we can improve it in anyway.