A Little Film

Serendipity has played a part in shaping who we are and what we find ourselves doing today. Andrew and I are pretty laid back, hard-working people and we truly believe that we could do just about anything, as long as we’re working together. We try to take advantage of things that come our way and don’t have too many pre-conceived ideas about the way things have to be.

So it was a happy accident, a stroke of luck, serendipity if you will, that resulted in our partnership with Jen & Michael from Paperbox Media. Jen called, out of the blue, just when we were stumped for a way to tell our story.

It was a bit of a leap of faith, to entrust total strangers with the task of capturing the essence of who we are and what we do, but we are delighted that we jumped. From the moment we met them, we knew they were the right people for the job. Jen & Michael put us at ease while filming and gave us the space to carry on with our day.

No morning was too early, no shot too hard to get. Their dedication and enthusiasm were second to none. I’d look out the kitchen window in the early morning light, and there they were. Out in the paddock, climbing through fences, trudging through the wet grass, chasing after the best shot. They captured us and our surroundings perfectly, and it was lovely to share our little piece of paradise with them.  

So why make a film?

We feel incredibly fortunate to live in this amazing place and want to share it with you. It’s as simple as that! It would be selfish to keep all this good stuff to ourselves.

For those of you who know us, here’s an insight into what we do every day. For those of you who don’t know us, here’s a snippet of the life we are lucky enough to live. The final film will be released on the 1st September, but here’s a taste of what’s to come…

(make sure you turn up the sound and view the film full screen to experience Jen & Michael's work at its best)


 Jen & Michael had pencilled in 3 days to film ‘Wines for Joanie’ over vintage, maybe 4, but that was it. I’m not sure what happened, but she ended up staying for nearly 3 weeks! I could theorise, but thought it best to ask her why she couldn’t tear herself away.



Jen - Paperbox Media

Firstly, to hear, 'yes, we want to make a film with you', was like hearing we had won the shiniest camera on the market. 

When Michael & I spoke with Prue & Rew over Skype, and met Angus and Isla also, it became clear that 3 days over vintage were not going to be enough to capture the magic of this family and their journey to making wine in Tasmania!

We drove off the Spirit of Tasmania and started an adventure into making wine with Wines for Joanie. We were welcomed into their world with ease, it was such a pleasure to meet this family. They truly embody the ethic of everyone pitches in. Angus is three years old, he knows everything about growing grapes and making wine. Isla, was very present in every process also, at not even one year old. So mesmerised were we, by these two beautiful, intelligent children, it was hard to remember to focus on other things.

Being completely immersed in the world of Wines for Joanie, staying on the farm in their charming cottage, we were able to know first-hand, how their daily lives unfolded. We woke to the sounds of the crickets, and Sammy the sheep and saw the most stunning sunrises. It is truly Lord of the Rings like in atmosphere and beauty.

It was such a joy to follow them around with our cameras, filming their family moments, feeding the animals, picking produce from the veggie garden, checking the grapes, preparing and eating dinner with the family. Prue is a fabulous cook, with Angus as soux chef.

We were included in everything in the most hospitable way. To be given so much to work with, made this a dream project and the results speak for themselves. 

From picking to wine making, this was a most enlightening and delightful way to learn about wine. 

When clients let you into their lives like this and show you the why of what they do, wonderful things happen and I hope you all enjoy the results of a truly collaborative experience.

Thanks to Prue and Rew for opening up their home and business and welcoming us into their world.