A Trip to Sunny Queensland

It’s at about this time every year that I threaten to pack us up and move back to Queensland. It’s cold, and wet and miserable most days and I crave the warm winter sun of home. So I have been greatly looking forward to heading back to ‘hopefully’ sunny Queensland for a few days to catch up with our distributor, Chris from Cork and Co and meet some of the people who have been lovely enough to put our wines on their Bottle Shop shelves and Restaurant wine lists.

A trade trip with two children aged 1 and nearly 3 doesn’t come without its challenges. We’re a close knit family and as much as they drive me nuts some days I don’t feel right just leaving them at home and disappearing for a few days on my own. So much like everything else we do, we’re doing it together. Not everyone will agree with our methods, but it works for us.

Rew will get to spend some quality time with Angus & Isla, and I get to feel like a grown up again.

We’re going to do our best to keep a list here of all the lovely places stocking our wines, but in the meantime, feel free to contact Chris or myself if you’re looking for some Wines for Joanie in the Sunshine State. 


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